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Celebrating 7 years since OOO Orgneftekhimproekt foundation


OOO Orgneftekhimproekt was established in 2014 as a structural division of OOO ONH-Holding group of companies. During corporate activities in the field of design for oil refineries and petrochemical plants, three large-scale industrial plants with a bulk volume of more than 12.5 MTA of feed stock have been built under design of OOO Orgneftekhimproekt, in particular, PM-3 (Afipsky Refinery, commissioned in 2017), CDU/VDU-6 (JSC TANECO, switched into operation in 2018), Middle Distillate Hydrogenation Unit (JSC TANECO, in 2020),The total number of projects developed by the institute exceeds a hundred, and more than a dozen capital construction facilities have been implemented under design solutions of the Institute.

Over the years of cooperation, we have succeeded not only in implementation of joint projects but also, due to this work, Holding has determined the core areas of activity and further development.

Норе every following year be a starting point for new projects and achievements!

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