Workshop on catalysts and syngas technologies (for production of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, converted gas for oxo-synthesis, reducing gas for metallurgy) to improve the skills of engineering technicians and operating personnel of Customers.

Workshop possible topics:
1. Syngas basic processes and production technologies.
2. Types of steam reformers.
3. Steam reforming – factors affecting the process.
4. Steam reforming – catalyst deactivations.
5. Steam reforming – commercial catalysts.
6. Steam reformer catalyst loading.
7. Start-up of steam reformer heater.
8. Control of steam reformer heater operation.
9. СО conversion.
10. Reformers - design and operating problems.
11. Steam reformer tubes.
12. Upgrade of hydrogen production unit for production rate increase.

The number of topics in the workshop program as well as introduction of reports on additional topics of the workshop is agreed with the Customer.

The speakers are specialists of catalysts and syngas technology with unique competencies and great operational experience both in leading foreign technology companies (Johnson Matthey, UOP, Sued Chemie / Clariant) and domestic science, technology and design organizations.

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