High Technology and Intellectual property

Group of companies has formed division for development and implementation of IT-projects and technology.

Among the services on technology consulting we can emphasize comparative analysis (benchmarking) and technical and economic assessment of the processes.

    Specialists of the Holding were involved for assessment of the following industries:
  • Phosphorous fertilizers in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Maleic anhydride
  • Melamine in the Republic of Tatarstan

Besides, they developed concept of gas-chemical complex development in the Republic of Tatarstan and support PJSC Tatneft project of wood biomass processing.

Within the frames of high technology development we develop software products, information and chemical technologies and record patents and intellectual property rights.

The key software products of the Holding are the following:
- Orgneftekhim-Pro is the complex of IT-system for modeling chemical technology processes, designed for verification and evaluation / design calculations of various devices / equipment.

The system provides for power-efficient solutions when designing transfer and branched pipelines of petroleum, gas and chemical complex, offsite facilities, housing utility system and other branches of industry.

Using Orgneftekhim-Pro system during design of transfer pipeline allows to reduce:

- CAPEX up to 20% (due to reduction of metal consumption)

- OPEX up to 10% (optimized configuration of transfer pipeline reduces heat capacity of the furnace).

Currently, complex IT-system consists of 3 modules:

1. Flow (blends) properties calculation module

2. Branched pipelines hydrodynamic calculation module

3. Transfer pipelines calculation module

- EPC basis is the functional modules system. It provides a basis for interaction and coordination of the key project participants - customer, general contractor, design institutes and construction companies at the basic stages of project implementation, from the stage of release of purchase order requisitions for the project to materials and equipment release from the warehouses to be installed by the construction company. It aims to achieve an error-free and uninterrupted procurement process for the whole product range of equipment and materials.

EPC-Basis is an independent program able to integrate with other enterprise information systems.

Remote user access to EPC-Basis is provided via personal accounts in accordance with the tasks to be fulfilled and distributed roles.

Establishing effective, controlled, cyclic and documented process of interaction between project participants allows to solve complex tasks related to the construction procurement, as well as visualize the entire chain of commodity and materials movement at the key stages of the project and create information resource where current data concerning analysis on purchasing and procurement is available.

3D-plot plan is an integrated computer system of visualization, engineering analysis, facility optimization at the stage of engineering and construction. You can find modules on development of 3D models and virtual reality simulators, use of laser scanning technology at the stage of construction and installation activities, creation of industrial facility digital passport, engineering data control system.

VR - is an engineering multiuser platform for project and construction control and monitoring the implementation in virtual reality. This platform uses 3D modeling data.

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