Article: Development of Russian Methionine Technology- high-margin feed-grade indispensable amino acid 

А. А. Babynin, V. B. Kouznetsov, L. A. Traphimova, F. K. Akhmetov (OOO ONH-Holding),
N. G. Zubritskaya, B. M. Laskin (FGUP RNTs Prikladnaya Khimiya)

Russian Research Centre Prikladnaya Khimiya (FGUP RNTs Prikladnaya Khimiya) in collaboration with the Russian high-tech Company, Orgneftekhim – Holding (ONH-Holding) are working on a project to set-up a production of methionine, high margin product, top-requested on the Russian and global markets. At the moment, works on final adjustment of domestic technology to the degree of its commercialization are being carried out.

Methionine is the first indispensable amino acid for animals and birds and used as amino acid additive to feed in poultry and stock farming. At present, amino acids are the largest segment of the feed additives market and account for about 60% of the total global market with about 30% of the amino acid market falling on methionine.

The existing licensors limited an access to methionine production technologies, since they are the largest suppliers of this amino acid. The only Russian methionine producer meets the demand of just a part of domestic market, therefore the development of the domestic production of such product seems to be a very vital task for both import substitution and export potential strengthening.

In 2018, at the request of OOO ONH-Holding, RNTs Prikladnaya Khimiya developed general process solutions for methionine production. A simplified methionine process block diagram is presented below.



Methionine Process block diagram

Methionine Process is a multistage synthesis, the first phases in which are heterogeneous catalytic processes for which catalysts of native producers can be used.

The proposed methionine process will allow production of additional high-value product, i.e. dimethyl sulphide (DMS) to be used in petrochemical process as a modifier of catalysts in hydrocracking, hydrodesulfurization, reforming. DMS can also be used as a precursor for production of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), which is a highly-valued solvent for organic synthesis, widely used in the production of pharmaceuticals, as well as an extractant of metals and aromatic compounds.

Currently, the next stage of the project is being worked out, that is a preliminary verification of the designed general process solutions, after which the elaboration of basis design for a process plant engineering is planned to start. Presently, two potential sites in European part of the Russian Federation are considered, where it is possible to arrange the methionine production considering the available feedstock streams.

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