OOO Orgneftekhim-Engineering

About Company: 

OOO Orgneftekhim-Engineering is a company developing and introducing Russian refining and petroleum technologies. Basically OOO Orgneftekhim-Engineering is a joint Project of science and investment design and industrial group on the establishing of site for implementation of domestic technologies based on aggregate of wide experience of the parties involved.

The portfolio of processes being developed and commercialized by a new company among other things includes technology of rocket fuels production for space and defense industries, important semi-finished products for plastics and polymers, which are in high demand in domestic and foreign markets, top-quality and environmentally friendly fuels components.

Main activities:  

List of technologies introduced by OOO ONH-Engineering:

  • Hydroconversion (deep conversion of heavy petroleum residues with production of high-quality motor fuels);
  • Benzene/ethylene alkylation on zeolite catalyst;
  • Benzene/ polyalkylbenzene transalkylation on zeolite catalyst;
  • Catalytic Cracking;
  • VR Visbreaking;
  • I-butane/Olefins alkylation on solid catalyst;
  • One-stage dimethyl ether synthesis;
  • Associated and natural gas, coal, biomass conversion to gasoline fractions:
        - Low-octane for pumping to pipeline;
        - High-octane for gasoline production;
  • Natural gas, coal, biomass conversion to olefins-ethylene and propylene (GTO);
  • Natural gas, coal, biomass conversion to sweet synthetic crude oil (based on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis);
  • Benzene/propylene alkylation on zeolite catalyst;
  • Alternative isopropylbenzene production method (Benzene/acetone hydroalkylation);
  • Butadiene synthesis from ethanol;
  • Group of companies
    business activity