Process service for syngas production units (hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, converted gas for oxo-synthesis (HyCO - in particular for production of butyl alcohols), reducing gas for metallurgy)

  • Assistance (supervising) at the start-up of catalytic processes such as steam reforming (incl. pre-reforming), CO conversion (high temperature conversion/medium temperature conversion, low temperature conversion, isothermal conversion), sections of raw material desulphurization, methanation, ammonia synthesis, methanol synthesis;
  • Expert control of dense catalyst loading into reaction tubes of steam reformer heaters;
  • Expert control of catalyst and adsorbent loading into mine (bulk) vessels;
  • Determination of reasons of operational problems (troubleshooting);
  • Monitoring of catalyst and adsorbent operation;
  • Mathematical modelling of technological processes and equipment, CFD (computational fluid dynamics);
  • Expert support in selection of catalyst and adsorbent suppliers (preparation / revision of technical assignments, comparative analysis of technical and commercial proposals);
  • Expert support in preparation of handling instructions for catalysts and adsorbents, standard operating procedures for catalysts and adsorbents;
  • Information and consulting workshops for professional development of engineering technicians and operating personnel of the Customers.

Group of experts on catalysts and syngas technology (production of hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, convertible gas for oxo-synthesis, reducing gas for metallurgy) has a unique competencies and great operational experience both in leading foreign technology companies (Johnson Matthey, UOP, Sued Chemie / Clariant) and domestic science, technology and design organizations, providing appropriate service for almost all domestic refineries, ammonia and methanol complexes.

The practical experience of lead experts varies from 20 to 40+ years.


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