Development and implementation of Cost Engineering System in accordance with AACE, RICS, ISO standards:

  • Cost and schedule control of turnkey projects of Customers and General Contractors (generation and support of budgets, schedules, reporting systems, etc.) 

  • Verification of Cost Estimate Documentation in accordance with Russian and international requirements, project cost optimization

  • Construction Cost Estimate at all stages of the project including the pre-investment and EPC contracting stages

  • Auditing and project debottlenecking, development of recommendations in terms of methodology and automation of planning and project control

  • Budgeting including all project cost items verification based on cost estimates of project documentation and detailed documentation stages

  • Design parameter change management

  • Cost deviation control and analysis at different stages of project life cycles as well as analysis of the rational use of funds for the project

  • Follow-up and participation in development of Unit Price Reference Books, Work Breakdown Structures, costs, resources

  • Procurement documents quality control with due regard for price increase risks

  • Monitoring of contractual obligations’ execution by all parties (cost of works, compliance with estimated and standard prices, milestone based payment)

  • Price monitoring for labor force, machinery and mechanisms, materials, equipment, unit rates and labor efficiency

  • Development and implementation of methodology and guidelines’ documentation on project management 

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