ООО Orgneftekhimproekt

About Company:
OOO Orgneftekhimproekt incorporates engineers experienced in all types of developed design and detailed engineering documents, personnel has operation experience of refineries and petrochemical plants.

ООО Orgneftekhimproekt participated in development of design and detailed engineering documentation for such plants as CDU/VDU-6, Diesel Fuel Hydrotreater, Sulphide-alkaline wastes Treater of Monomer Plant and Refinery, offsite facilities of Catcracking Complex and partially Acrylic acid production plant.

At the moment, from the scope of developed design and detailed engineering documentation, CDU/VDU-6 and Diesel Fuel Hydrotreater have been put into operation, at the rest facilities construction and installation works are currently performed.

OOO Orgneftekhimproekt executed follow-up works for basic design, design and detailed engineering documentation of third-party engineering companies in order to conduct acceptance against compliance with the rules of industrial safety and technical requirements of the Investor - Customer. Special sections of design documentation have been developed for third-party engineering companies. Works on verification of regulations for the existing process units and consulting services for modernization of the existing plants have been conducted.

The main production departments:
- Process Department;
- Architecture and Construction Department;
- Sanitary Engineering Department;
- Mechanical Department;
- Installation and Process Department;
- Automation Department ( Communication networks group and APCS group as parts of Department);
- Electrical Engineering Department;
- Equipment Department;
- Computer Aided Design & IT Department

Main activities:
- Pre-design works execution:

    • Development of facility construction concept
    • Feasibility study
    • Declaration of Intent development
    • Basic engineering

- Engineering:

    • Development of design documentation
    • Development of detailed engineering documentation
    • Development of equipment technical design
    • Supervision

- Equipment completing and supply:

    • Development of tender documentation for equipment supply
    • Selection of equipment suppliers together with the Customer
    • Equipment ordering, manufacturing and supply services

-Project management.