Vladislav I. Emekeev

Vladislav I. Emekeev

Deputy General Director of Construction Organization and Control

Born in 1964

In 1987 graduated from Kazan State Chemical Technological Institute named after S.M. Kirov with a degree in Machines and Devices of Chemical Industry.

Work experience

1987 – Process equipment maintenance foreman, Sulphur crude conversion unit maintenance engineer, CDU-VDU-7 maintenance foreman, NPO Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Nizhnekamsk.
1992 – Mechanic of Sulphur crude conversion unit, Mechanic of Sulphur crude distillation and petrochemical production unit, Chief Mechanic of JV Petrokam, Nizhnekamsk.
1995 – Deputy Chief Mechanic of Oligomers Production and Oil Refinery, OAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Nizhnekamsk
1997– Deputy Chief Mechanic, TAIF Nizhnekamsk Branch.
2000 – Deputy Chief Mechanic, Chief Mechanic, Nizhnekamsk Branch of OOO Tatneft-Nizhnekamsk.
2002 – Chief Mechanic, OJSC Nizhnekamskiy Refinery (NNPZ), Nizhnekamsk.
2005 – Chief Mechanic – Head of Chief Mechanic Department of Refinery, Chief Engineer of Refinery, Director of Refinery, PSC TAIF-NK.
Since 2012 – Director of Construction Organization and Control Department, ООО INKO-TEK.
Since 2013 – concurrently Deputy General Director for Construction Organization and Control, OOO ONH-Holding, Moscow.


In 2002, awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Head of Administration of the city of Nizhnekamsk for dedicated work and substantial contribution to construction of OJSC Nizhnekamskiy Refinery.
In 2007, awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of RT for achieved success in work in 2006 and personal contribution in development of oil refining industry of the Republic of Tatarstan.
In 2011, awarded the title of Honored Chemist of RT.

Group of companies

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